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The Great Front License Plate Debate

As a Corvette owner and car enthusiast in the State of South Dakota you are required by law to install a front license plate on your car.  Some enthusiasts choose to disobey this law and not install a license plate on the front of their cars.  By doing this these people are willfully breaking the law and are potentially subject to fines once they are caught.   A few years ago enthusiasts in Nebraska banned together to change the license plate laws for those cars that are driven only for pleasure.  As a result Nebraska has created a Special Interest license plate that is only required to be placed on the back of the car.  It is a law intended for vehicles that are not daily driven and used for pleasure.  There are many of us in South Dakota who would like to change our law to allow us to legally drive our cars without a front license plate.  As a result the UNITED CAR COUNCIL OF SOUTH DAKOTA has been formed.  This organization is led by Sioux Falls Corvette Club enthusiasts Mike Skiles and Bill Kullander.  In order to make this happen they need our support.  Attached below is an update on the progress of the group and what you can do to help.

Thank you.

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Platte Valley Shoot Out Recap

Platte Valley Shoot Out 2015 Recap

It was another successful year at the 2nd Annual Platte Valley Shout Out.  The event took place Saturday June 6th on a two lane black top county road near Wakefield, NE.  There were 9 drivers who ran the ¼ mile.  Brian King with his 1983 Hurst Olds ran 129.99 MPH.  It was the fastest ¼ mile pass.  His car is far from stock.  It features a Procharged LS engine with a Trailblazer SS All Wheel Drive driveline.  I drove our 2008 Lingenfelter 660 Corvette Z06 125.92 MPH good enough for 2nd fastest.  Maryia Schneider drove her dad’s Daytona Blue 1963 Split Window Coupe 96.69 MPH.

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Jerry’s Track Days 2015 @ MPH

Jerry’s Chevrolet Corvette Driving Experience 2015

Let’s go racing!  It’s time again to go play all day on a race track.  We will be back at Motorsport Park Hastings (MPH) for the day.  This is a fabulous 2.15 mile road course located in Hastings, NE: .  The date we have set aside is Saturday August 22nd.  We will have exclusive use of the track from 10AM to 5PM which will ensure plenty of fun for all.

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Platte Valley Shootout

With the power of today’s car climbing every year people always ask me, “But where can you go to use it? The speed limit today is only 80MPH. It seems silly to have a Corvette Z06 that has 650HP and will go 200MPH.” The truth is that there are places to safely enjoy today’s powerful cars. The Sioux Falls Corvette Club and Sports Car Club of Siouxland set up monthly Autocrosses at the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds for enthusiasts to test their cars. There are two tracks located nearby Raceway Park of the Midlands (RPM) in Pacific Junction, IA and Motorsports Park Hastings (MPH) in Hastings, NE. Both tracks have open lapping days each week for enthusiasts to run a big track. Thunder Valley in Marion, SD offers enthusiasts the chance to see what their car will do in the ¼ mile. In fact there will be a special Corvette class as part of this year’s Black Hills Corvette Classic on July 11th.

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The 9th Annual Vette Event

The Vette Event is coming once again to the Corvette Center at Jerry’s Chevrolet in Beresford, SD on Saturday, May 16th. This year marks the 9th year of this annual event. The event takes place from 11am to 4pm in our 11,000 square foot Corvette Center showroom. The building is packed full of horsepower: Corvettes, Classics, Muscle, and Performance cars.

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