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13th Annual Sand Hills Open

The 13th Annual Sand Hills Open Road Challenge Winter Party is set to happen on Saturday, February 11th in Lincoln, NE.  This annual event helps raise money to support the volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments that help make the Sand Hills Open Road Challenge and Loup To Loup races in Nebraska safe each year.  Some of the purchases from the money raised include; a Jaws Of Life Emergency Extractor, a John Deere Gator UTV with a water tank for quick fire responses, and a Ford Expedition Command Vehicle.  In addition, several cash donations where given to area Fire and Rescue departments.  This is huge, as many of these rural departments have an annual budget of only $1000. This event is a way to say “Thank You” to the many volunteers who ensure the safety of each driver during the racing events in August.

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2018 Corvette ZR1

There seems to be many rumors flying around future Corvette products and those rumors seem to be pointing at a future mid – engine Corvette.  I am always asked, “When do you think the mid – engine Corvette will arrive in your showroom?”  My answer is that the current Corvette is already mid – engine.  It is a front mid – engine car, since the engine is positioned behind the center line of the front axle.  Corvettes have been front mid – engined since the introduction of the C5 Corvette.  It’s also interesting to know that the new Stingray, is the 1st Corvette to have a slightly rearward weight bias.  With the recent addition of the Grand Sport, there seems to be a car for almost everyone.  Buyers now have the choice of Stingray, Stingray Z51, Grand Sport and Z06 models –  with choices of Coupe and Convertible versions of each model.  Plus, there are performance packages available for the Grand Sport and Z06 models as well.  With the introduction of each new generation Corvette, brings another step up in performance.  You could say that the Stingray Z51 matches the performance of the prior generation C6 Z06.  The new 650HP Z06 certainly eclipses almost all the performance potential of the prior generation C6 ZR1.  So where do we go from here?  Most recently, there have been photos of Chevrolet testing another front engined Corvette.  These cars have been highly camouflaged but appear to be Z06 based.  The difference is that these cars are sporting massive rear wings and seem to have much larger front grille openings.

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Jerry’s Chevrolet Corvette Driving Experience 2016

Jerry’s Chevrolet Corvette Driving Experience 2016


Let’s go racing!  It’s time again to go play all day on a race track.  We will be back at Motorsport Park Hastings (MPH).  This is a fabulous 2.15 mile road course located in Hastings, NE: .  We’ve had fun in the past but this year we’re going to turn things up a notch with an amazing race weekend set to happen on August 19th – 21st.  The main event will take place on Saturday August 20th.  But wait there’s much more fun this year:

  • Friday from 1-5PM anyone who is registered for the Saturday event can run during the Guardrail Club event for $65
  • Friday night from 7:15-9:45PM is street drag racing on the track.  You pick who you want to race.  Run as many times as you like for $25
  • Saturday from 10AM to 5PM we will have lapping for $135 per driver which includes morning coffee and rolls and then lunch at noon.  For those who have never been to the track their will be a mandatory drivers education for $165 which includes in car instruction.

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45th Black Hills Corvette Classic was a Huge Success!

We want to thank everyone that showed up for the 45th Annual Black Hills Corvette Classic Welcome Event @ Jerry’s Chevrolet & Corvette Center in Beresford, SD. We were blown away by the turn out. We hope to see you all, plus more, next year. If you would like to see photos, from the BHCC, please look in our gallery. Pictures Here

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we would love to hear them. Please leave them below in the comment section.

**Please note that if you are waiting for the overhead photo, we are running into some clarity issues. Because we want to get you the best possible photo we can, it is taking some time. We appreciate the patience. **

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BHCC Welcome Event at Jerry’s Chevrolet




Grand Sport
You are invited to the Black Hills Corvette Classic Welcome Event at Jerry’s Chevrolet on Wednesday, July 13.

Event is from 9:00am – 3:00pm
Registration is 8:00am – 3:00pm

Come join Corvette enthusiasts arriving from nearly every state and Canada for a day of fun and excitement!

We will be taking an aerial photo of all the cars at noon so you will want to arrive early and be parked by 10:45am to ensure a great parking spot.

Fiesta’s famous broasted chicken will be served for lunch from 12:00pm – 1:30pm.

This will be your first chance to sign up and pick up your registration packets for the Black Hills Corvette Classic.

Plus you will be able to purchase new & pre-owned Corvette, Muscle & Collector cars, Official Black Hills Corvette Classic Merchandise, Corvette Clothing & Apparel, Performance Parts, Superchargers, Accessories, Tires & Wheels.

We will also have DJ Ben Davis from MIX 97.3, and door prizes drawn every half hour.

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It Is A Law!

Congratulations to everyone in SD involved in the car hobby. It’s now legal to drive certain vehicles without a front license plate.
HB 1164 to allow a single license plate for special interest vehicles was signed into law by Governor Dennis Daugaard on March 7. Thank you to everyone who helped with this effort. It was a team effort of car enthusiasts who own and drive street rods, customized cars, collector cars, sports cars, or muscle cars. Weather your contribution was large or small, financial, time, contacting legislators, sending e-mails or testifying in Pierre, it helped improve the car hobby for many. A large majority of legislators heard your voice, own cars like ours and supported our bill. After two committee hearings and votes on both floors there was only one “no” vote. With this type of support I do believe future improvements can be made for all special interest plates. We do plan to keep the United Car Council of SD active.

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