Jerry’s Corvette Driving Experience 2013


On Friday the 13th of August, we asked our many customers and friends to join us again for a day of fun on the race track. This year we visited Motorsport Park Hastings (MPH) in Hastings, NE. MPH is a 150 acre mecca for the car enthusiast. The heart of MPH is the 2.15 mile, 13 turn race track with 3 long straight-a-ways. The corners offer a variety of different radii and angles for a wide range of cornering speeds. The long straights are long enough for high speed thrills and passing opportunities. What started out as a dream on a napkin in a local restaurant with a few friends, became a reality in 2006 when renowned track designer Alan Wilson designed this beautiful road course. In February of 2009, named MPH one of the “Best Places to Speed Legally in the United States.”

Our event began on Thursday night with a special invitation from, George Anderson, the managing partner of MPH for a dinner at the Guardrail Club catered by Murphy’s Bar from downtown Hastings. The Guardrail club is a clubhouse located on the final turn of the track. After dinner, George allowed everyone to take parade laps on the track with passengers. Guests were also treated to a special tour of the Klatt Motorsports car museum.

Friday morning began at 9 a.m. with a drivers meeting in the Guardrail Club. George had driving instructors on hand for lead–follow shadow lapping. This allowed for those who had never been to the track to see the proper line by following a driving instructor. These instructors were also available for one on one in car instruction. George also had transponders available for everyone that would keep track of every lap time so you could measure your improvement throughout the day. MPH even has an app. for your phone so you can see your lap times in real-time in addition to being able to review them later. After the drivers meeting we divided the cars into 3 groups and began the event. Each group had 20 minutes of track time of every hour starting at 10 a.m. At noon, we took an hour lunch break where the drivers, their spouses, track officials and driving instructors were able to bench race and enjoy a relaxing meal catered by Murphy’s. After the break we were back on the track running 20 minute sessions until 4 p.m.

Everyone had a great time. It is simply amazing how much horsepower and the variety of cars that show up to our annual Jerry’s Chevrolet Corvette Driving Experience every year. This year was no exception. We had C5 and C6 Corvettes – Coupes, Convertibles, Grand Sports, Z06’s, 427 Convertibles and a ZR1. We even had a modified CTS-V Cadillac and a modified Camaro ZL1. Horsepower ranged from 400 HP to just over 900 HP. I think the average horsepower of all the cars on the track was over 600 HP! The event gave everyone the chance to see just what their cars are really capable of doing. Most came home with a new found respect for just how amazing these cars are today. If you’ve always wanted to see what your car can truly do in a safe controlled environment without the worry of a speeding ticket you need to join us for next year’s Jerry’s Chevrolet Corvette Driving Experience or visit Motorsport Park Hastings,

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